Important Information for Preparing for Your Garage Door/Opener Install or Service.

In order for the garage door install/service to go as smoothly as possible, the driveway must be clear of any vehicles in front of the garage door being services. The interior of the garage must also be clear of any vehicles or items within 15 feet of the garage door. This includes the area on the sides of the garage. This space also needs to be clear for service to the spring and track system.

We know clearing out your garage can be a big task. After all, we have garages too! But, by creating space inside and outside of your garage we will be able to complete your garage door service much more efficiently and maintain a level of safety for our service technicians.

In the circumstance your garage space is not clear to provide the work space and safety needed on the scheduled day of your service, we will be happy to reschedule to provide time for you to prepare for your service.

Garage Door Installs

New garage door installs include garage door panels, track, springs, hardware and basic trim boards sized 1″x 2″ or 1″x 3″ (depth x width, height of the trim boards are dependent of the size of the garage door).

Due to the normal process of removing the old trim boards and installing the new trim boards and the difference in width between the new trim and old, some touch up painting around the trim may be needed.  Touch up painting around the trim is not a service included with garage door installation.

If any major repairs or projects are happening with the home, we suggest you have your garage door installed afterward, such as roofing, remodeling landscaping. It is our experience that the new garage door is often harmed during these processes. It is also a safety risk to our service technicians to have additional construction occurring around the work space of the garage door installation. The one exception is that we recommend that you have your house painted after new door is installed.

Thank you for taking the time to review this information!

If you have any questions or concerns about this information please contact us or give us a call at 816-875-8872.