Every home should have a safe, new garage door opener. It’s one of the small conveniences that make your home a better place to spend your time, and a new residential garage door unit is a surprisingly affordable investment that can significantly improve your property value.

Our residential customers are often concerned with safety and ease of use. We carry residential products that install easily and require little maintenance. JV Garage Door’s experts also keep clients informed. You get the peace of mind that comes with a professionally installed residential garage door along with a solid understanding of your new garage door unit features.

We also offer residential garage door repair services. When a residential garage door stops working properly or makes excessive noise, you need a professional company with the knowledge and expertise to provide a safe residential repair. Our experts regularly work with garage door openers from dozens of major brands and can repair most residential doors in a few hours. At JV Garage Door, we’re ready to help outfit your home with excellent, reliable technology.

Commercial building owners need garage doors that work efficiently and safely, sometimes under demanding conditions. Many commercial doors open and close dozens of times per day, and an inaccurate remote garage door opener can cost a business a serious amount of money in productivity losses.

Whether your commercial business currently uses electric garage door openers or you’re looking into opener installation, JV Garage Door offers the most reliable and extensive set of commercial services to meet your needs. We can install new commercial garage doors with powerful, fast motors to give your business an instant return on investment or explore various door options to meet your goals.

Alternately, we can repair broken and noisy commercial garage doors to keep your workers safe and active. We have the expertise to accurately diagnose commercial garage door issues and to fix them in a matter of hours, restoring your company to its full operative capabilities right away. Whether you need commercial garage door repair, installation or reframing, contact JV garage door for excellent, specialized services at a great price.

We specialize in garage door maintenance for residential and commercial clients. From spring replacements to tune ups, we can restore your garage door’s functionality within time and budget. With free door estimates, we are committed to offering quality and reliable services across the board. Whether it’s a garage lift issues or system malfunctions, we have the tools and expertise to get the job done right. We effectively service all aspects of garage doors, including lift systems, openers, and even manual or roll-out units. At cost-affordable rates, you can depend on us for quick services and lasting results.

We strive to add value to all our customer’s homes and businesses. This means we work with our clients to ensure professional services at every turn. From re-framing to new hardware and doors, our highly dedicated team is committed to excellence in all endeavors. If your current garage door company is failing to deliver, simply contact us for the best in garage door services. With local roots, we are simply a company you can trust.

Springs are essential to the operation of a garage door. The springs are what do all the work. Having the right size spring, the proper amount of tension on the springs, along with good operating parts on the garage door will determine how smoothly and easily your garage door opens and closes. Garage door springs break from everyday use. Spring have a cycle rating and every time you open and close your garage door you have cycled the door one time.

The standard cycle rating for a spring is 10,000 cycles. The average household opens their garage door 1000 cycles per year.  That being said, not all spring are created equal, further more things aren’t made like they use to be.  But at JV Garage Door we bring you the best product we have available to us. Galvanized torsion springs are meant to last 50% longer than coated steel springs. Their galvanized coating protects against the corrosion that can weaken the spring and cause it to break prematurely.

Torsion springs and extension springs work in very similar ways. In any situation you should always have 2 spring on you garage door. 2 torsion spring will commonly be on a torsion shaft above double wide garage doors and you will commonly find 1 extension spring on each side of the tracks of single wide garage doors, totaling 2 springs.