Since 2010, America has been captivated by garage doors. At least, in a sense. Through the magic of televised drama, the hit A&E show “Storage Wars” has amassed a following of millions of loyal viewers who tune in week after week to find out what will be discovered behind garage doors in the Los Angeles area.

The show premiered on Dec. 10, 2010, and featured four professional buyers and their teams as they scoured repossessed storage units in search of hidden treasures. It wasn’t long before the show became one of A&E’s highest-rated programs, even attracting 5.1 million total viewers for its second season’s premiere. Since then it has spawned one spinoff, “Storage Wars: Texas,” with another in the works. All because of a few garage doors.

It’s not often that garage doors take center stage in entertainment, but when they do, they certainly make it good. These doors offer a sense of mystery and are usually featured with an element of suspense. What will be revealed when it’s opened? What lies inside? That’s part of what makes “Storage Wars” so successful. The buyers take a gamble by risking their hard-earned money on what may be an incredible deal or a colossal failure.

The great thing about “Storage Wars” is that it’s based on reality. This kind of treasure hunting actually takes place in cities all across the country, including Kansas City. Abandoned storage units are auctioned off to the highest bidder usually for a variety of reasons. Some are hoping to find expensive antiques, others are looking for collectibles, and still others are hoping to find an item that lands them on financial easy street. It’s an interesting process and one that wouldn’t be possible without the help of our favorite products.

Regardless of whether or not you want to protect a collection of sports memorabilia or simply protect your home, we at JV Garage Door want to offer you the best garage door maintenance and installation in the area. You may not travel the metro searching behind secure garage doors, but it’s a safe bet that you want one for your own home. Yours just might not be bright orange.

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