Maintaining Happy Garage Doors

It will happen to all of us at some point, betrayal from an unexpected source: your garage door. When it’s working, the door goes up and down in a timely manner when its instructed to do so via remote or button. Parking and accessing items stored in the garage is easy, and like many things that work the way they should, no more thought is put into them.

Except sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes the door starts down and suddenly stops, refusing to close. Sometimes it refuses to open for no apparent reason, and you are already late for work, and it becomes just one more thing on the never-ending list of things that need your attention today. There are some basic steps you can take troubleshooting your garage door, and some things you should definitely call a professional for.

If your door has come off its hinges

Don’t panic, it might not be as bad as you think. Frequently this happens because one of the tracks has fallen out of alignment, come loose, or the bolts holding the bracket in place are coming undone.

  • If the Garage door has fallen to the floor, definitely call a professional, the situation has progressed to a point you will need serious help.
  • If you have caught it early, are feeling handy and brave, and the rollers are still in their tracks, close the door firmly, but gently. When the door is closed tighten the bolts holding the brackets in place. Double check that the distances between the vertical and horizontal tracks are the same and that all tracks are parallel and secure. Try to open and close the door. If problems still occur, call a trusted garage door professional to help you out.


If your Garage door seems to have a will of its own, sometimes opening and sometimes not.

An easy fix is to check the batteries in your remote. Be sure to replace them with the new correctly sized batteries. If this fails to fix the problem you might need a professional, or a good YouTube video like this one. It is possible your garage door frequency is being used by another device in your area, all you need to do is reprogram your opener and remote to a new frequency, this should clear up the problem.


If your garage door is operating just fine, then suddenly closes with a thud

A probable cause is a broken torsion spring. Preform a visual check, the springs are typically above the horizontal rails. If one or both look broken, definitely call a professional. Those springs are no joke and you can be seriously injured if you don’t know what you are doing.


If your garage door closes a little, then suddenly goes back up

An easy fix it to check and see if anything is blocking the little garage door sensor eyes. They are typically mounted a few inches from the floor on or near the vertical garage door rails. Their purpose is to prevent you from closing the door on an obstruction, a branch, toy, pet, child, spider webs, or anything impeding the path of the door. If there is no obstruction, it is possible the sensors have fallen out of alignment and simply need realigned. JV Garage Door has an instructional YouTube video that can help you with this step by step. It can be found here.

As always, we are here to help. If you find these or any other Garage Door problems plague you, give us a call, or schedule online.