Just down the road in Topeka, Kan., area residents recently experienced a crime wave due to a common and simple homeowner mistake: leaving the garage door open. According to police at the end of September there had been an increase in home break-ins and car thefts due to fully open doors or those that were partially raised. Regardless of whether or not the residents were home or away, thieves were able to access personal property and vehicles, often stealing cars that had the keys still in the ignition.

Beyond the car theft these criminals were also able to enter the homes with much greater ease due to unlocked interior doors. Instead of breaking windows or picking locks, crooks were able to walk straight in and take whatever was available.

In this situation it’s almost as easy to blame the homeowner as it is to blame the crook, especially when the cars were sitting available with such unrestricted access. Today’s world, sadly, isn’t Mayberry, but when this kind of lapse in judgment occurs we wonder if Opie Taylor himself would have been able to resist starting the car and pulling out of the garage.

At JV Garage Door LLC, we hate seeing our customers become victims of home theft or vandalism. It’s a violating crime that can leave residents feeling exposed and unsafe and one that can have lasting effects on their emotions. Not to mention, it can also cause great financial loss.

Instead of letting them be victimized by random crime, we at JV Garage Door LLC want to take the opportunity to remind our customers and area residents to use common sense. A garage door can only do its job if it is used by the owner. It can only protect the contents of a garage and keep criminals at bay if it remains shut. To make sure you and your home are getting the most protection out of your garage door, we encourage you to follow these simple rules:

1. Keep the door shut at all times.

2. Lock interior doors located inside the garage.

3. Never leave car keys in the car itself.

4. Remove garage door openers from all cars parked in the driveway.

5. Store personal valuables inside your home.

Remember, common sense is all it takes to avoid being the victim of many crimes. Most thieves prey upon those who make themselves easy targets. Don’t be one of the homeowners who takes a casual attitude when it comes to home security. Instead, use your head and do the easy things that keep your home and family protected. If that means shutting the garage door at night, then we hope you’ll press the button.

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