Replacing your old garage door opener is just as important as replacing your garage door. Replacing your opener will not only keep your home safe, but also provide a multitude of other benefits. Here are the top five reasons to replace your old garage door opener.


1. Increased Security. A new garage door opener is crucial to the safety of your home. Old garage door openers do not provide as much security as one might think. They use a fixed code that hackers can easily crack, making your home susceptible to danger. With a new garage door opener, it runs on a rolling-code. The rolling-code feature makes it so burglars cannot replicate the passcode and break in. This increases the safety and security of your home.


2. Reduction in Noise. Chain-driven garage door openers can create a lot of noise during the opening and closing of your door. By switching to a belt-driven opener, it will reduce the amount of noise that is created when you open or close your garage door.


3. Increased Safety. Safety is always a concern with children and pets. With the new technology in garage door openers, safety has been greatly improved. Technology has now allowed sensors to capture whether an object has passed through the garage door while it is closing. If the sensors sense and object, it will immediately stop and open. This feature is crucial as it increases safety.


4. Battery Back-up Systems. During power outages, opening a garage door that runs on electricity may seem like a problem, but with the new battery back-up systems that come with the new garage door opener make it easy and can save you during an emergency. The battery back-up system will engage when there is no power and allow usage of the garage.


5. Increased Functionality. Increased functionality has made opening and closing your garage door so much easier while increasing the security of your home. With the new keypads, the use of a key is no longer necessary. Some garage door openers even use fingerprint detection.