In your opinion, what makes the outside of a home most attractive? Is it the landscape? The paint and trim? The front door? The shutters? All of these are popular pieces, for sure. But what about the garage door? It’s not usually the first answer that surfaces, but it’s one that comes up almost immediately if the doors have been updated and carefully selected by the homeowner.

One of the most important aspects of a home’s curb appeal (how attractive it is to passersby) is its garage doors. Think about it. A home can have a new paint job, an attractive array of shrubs and flowers and maybe even a fountain, but if its garage doors are outdated or neglected, it will ruin the whole look.

At JV Garage Door, LLC, we want to help you increase the value of your home and make those who drive down your street see it as one of the most stunning properties in the neighborhood. That’s why we carry the popular Clopay, Doorlink and Delden brands of garage doors—each of which offer a variety of choices to enhance the beauty of your property.

Now, for those of you who are preparing to sell your home, this becomes even more important. How a house appears from the outside can make or break a sale even before the buyers enter the front door. If they like what they see from the outside, they’re far more likely to want to see what’s inside whereas if they aren’t attracted to the exterior, they will likely keep driving.

While scanning the news online recently, we came across an article in the Indianapolis Star about curb appeal. In this article, Century 21 real estate broker Mike Clements made this statement: “The highest return on investment for any home improvement project is usually the replacement of dated exterior doors, windows or garage doors.” And we couldn’t agree more. In fact, this is statistically backed up by research.

Every year, Remodeling Magazine releases a Cost vs. Value report that evaluates how the price of certain home improvement projects stacks up against its return on investment. For the 2010-2011 year they added Garage Door Replacement to both their mid-range and upscale projects list. The results spoke well for the garage door industry. The upscale projects recouped 69% of the invested cost while the mid-range projects recouped a whopping 89%! According to the editors, the positive outcomes were the results of inexpensive installation and materials and the project’s ability to instantly enhance the property’s curb appeal.

So whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or just want to make an investment in its appearance (and home security among other things), try starting with your garage doors. If you haven’t looked at the options in a while, you’ll be surprised at what’s available. Check out our Products page for links to the lines we carry and enjoy the shopping process. Then give us a call to talk about the options. We’ll be ready and waiting to help you make your home the stunner on the block.

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